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{December 6, 2008}   Jesus vs. Modern day christians

I just read a blog about how a parent can avoid rasing an aethist child. He went on to give stats and biblical passages to support his theory. What I don’t understand about christians today is how they can not accept the fact that the way they are pushing their beliefs, their agenda onto others has caused this rift. They aren’t nice, they condemn people to hell. They lie to get their ways they over dramatize events and they act pretty disgusting. For the most part, they themselves are the ones that have pushed people away from faith. Besides that, faith is just that a belief that is faith based and not based on hard evidence. Either you believe or you don’t. The bottom line, if you believe in God, then let others be judged by Him.

When Jesus was here on earth he never acted the way christian people of today are acting.


{December 2, 2008}   Losing my FAITH

I was raised in a very strict religious household. I always had my doubts, I always had questions that could not really be voiced or in turn could not really be answered. I finally left that religion, about 10 years ago. About, maybe 5 years ago, I declared I didn’t believe that Satan existed. I am now at a crossroads. I have come to the fork on the road and I don’t know which way to turn.

I have always stated, I am a spiritual person, but do not believe in organized religion. I am now coming to terms that I might not really believe in the existance of God. This teriffies me. I wonder, when I am at my death bed, am I going to regret this?

I like to rationalize and I like to find evidence and facts. I don’t find any when it comes to HIM, yet, at the same time, I can’t find evidence for the opposite.

I don’t like where the world is heading, when it comes to HIM. I sometimes wonder if it is the religious zealots that are pushing me in the opposite direction. That is when I pause and wonder, should I allow them that much power?

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