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Are these the sign of the times?

steve-wuThe pastor of Willow Creek Chicago — the city campus of the evangelical mega-church Willow Creek Community Church — has resigned and admitted to “sexual impurity,” a church spokesman said. The pastor, Rev. Steve Wu, could not be reached, and the church would not specify what took place just a statement Tuesday by church officials admitting to “sexual impurity”

Wu, 43, began pastoring Willow Chicago in 2006. It was the fifth campus of Willow Creek Community Church – the fourth largest mega-church in the country with 22,500 attendees, according to Outreach magazine’s 2008 list. The mega-church, founded by the Rev Bill Hybels, currently has six locations throughout Illinois.

The church also stated that he may go through a “restoration process”. I wonder if this will be like the one Ted Haggard went through, which we all know, has made him realize that his sexuality is a “complicated” one. 

I wrote about this before, there is nothing good about a church that is said to be a “mega-church”. What those types of church come down to is BUSINESS and MONEY. In due time, the true colors come out and they fall hard.


{January 17, 2009}   A wanna be pastor

Authorities received a tip on animal cruelty. They showed up to the house and found three dead dogs, guns, ammunition and drug paraphernalia. His birth name is Earl Simmons, but he is famously known by his stage name: DMX. A very successful rapper.

If you run a search on him you will find the following: In spring of 2001 DMX served 10 days in a New York jail for driving without a license. In 2005 he was sentenced to 70 days in jail for violating conditions of a plea agreement from a 2004 incident at Kennedy Airport… He was arrested twice in one week in May 2008, both in Phoenix: first for speeding, and then on an indictment for felony drug possession and misdemeanor acts of animal cruelty, reportedly involving mistreatment of pit bulls. In 2003 he had stated that he was going to retire to become a pastor and now he is stating the same thing, dressed in pink. 

Why is it that those that are in jail suddenly find God? Would it be because they have all the time in the world with nothing to do? Is it because they need to have faith and hope in something?

I just wonder how much credibility this man can have as a pastor. The bible does state that if you repent you shall be forgiven, but how much of that repentance is sincere, is the question. In the interview DMX lied and stated his rap lyrics never talked about killing a person, but the interviewer did his homework and called him out on it. Lies, we know who the father of liars is (John 8:44) according to the bible, you would think a wanna be pastor would know that to.

Oh, in regards to the pink… your in jail, it isn’t Burger King, CAN’T HAVE IT YOUR WAY!

{December 31, 2008}   Bye-Bye 2008

What a RELIGIOUS year. I will review the stuff that stood out FOR ME:






LDS $25million to YES on 8


Religion: “If you are a religious person, you understand that once religion takes hold in a society it can’t be stopped.”

Again, religion is a choice, but according to the religious right or zealots, it isn’t. They want to take away choices that every American should have a right to have. CHOICE, why want to take that away from someone? The taliban runs their country like an iron fist. Women do not have a say or a choice. Men don’t have a choice. Children do not have a choice. Is this what Christians want for the U.S.A? Remember, your actions will spurn hatred from a lot of people towards you…meaning, you want to take the rights of people away, based upon a choice that you made, people will react against you.

Christians tend to forget this:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (Galatians 5:22)

When they try to overcome a Nation with their beliefs and their views they do not demonstrate any of the “FRUIT OF THE SPIRITS”.

Hopefully 2009 things will change, although, I don’t know.

{December 18, 2008}   Obama’s choice: Rick Warren

beliefnet has the full transcript plus the video:

The issue to me, I’m not opposed to that as much as I’m opposed to redefinition of a 5,000 year definition of marriage. I’m opposed to having a brother and sister being together and calling that marriage. I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage.

BELIEFNET: Do you think those are equivalent to gays getting married?

Oh , I do. For 5,000 years, marriage has been defined by every single culture and every single religion – this is not a Christian issue. Buddhist, Muslims, Jews – historically, marriage is a man and a woman. And the reason I supported Proposition 8, is really a free speech issue. Because first the court overrode the will of the people, but second there were all kinds of threats that if that did not pass then any pastor could be considered doing hate speech if he shared his views that he didn’t think homosexuality was the most natural way for relationships, and that would be hate speech. We should have freedom of speech, ok? And you should be able to have freedom of speech to make your position and I should be able to have freedom of speech to make my position, and can’t we do this in a civil way.

I am truly insulted, offended and disgusted by his comment. I feel that a person that would compare two consenting adults as pedophiles (force) and those that practice incest is an UNEDUCATED IDIOT!

I am truly disappointed in Obama for choosing Warren for his inauguration.

I understand when Christians state homosexuality is an Abomination in the eyes of God, but when you state what he stated, there are no other decent words that I can state other than disgust.

Rick Warren has these strikes against him: He compared “gay marriage to incest, pedophilia and polygamy and repeated the inaccurate charge that without Prop 8, conservative preachers could be prosecuted for hate crimes. He described ‘social gospel’ Christians of the 20th century as closet Marxists.”

et cetera