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{December 28, 2008}   World without Religion

I am constantly amused by the banter of the religious zealots. They get really pissed off and if this isn’t their first remark, it is the last one before they stomp off: “THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON RELIGION”…what a misconception. Our founding forefathers left a Theocratic country, do you honestly think they would want to re-establish a Theocratic nation? Use logic.

I am not against religion, if that is what you need. Honestly speaking though, what would the world be like without religion? I mean, currently there is a woman that is going to sue the U.S.A courts because a judge made her take her head scarf off, which is against HER religion. This past Christmas was a war…a religious war. You have the TALIBAN, JAHID, and remember the 9/11 attacks. Currently the Pope, or Holy See, is really laying it on thick against homosexuality, completely not mentioning the lawsuit heading in the direction of the Catholic church due to the cover ups of child abuse. You have the debate of the public school systems and the religious zealots wanting prayers in school and the banning of certain books and some are taking it further, the Creation vs. Evolution fight and it being taught.

Again, some need the direction, some need that “man” to tell them how to live their lives, it is understandable, but they don’t understand that others don’t need it. They just want to make their choice and force others to accept that choice and live that choice too, and when it doesn’t happen they get super pissed. There are a lot of good people out there that are not religious, it just comes innately from their core, from their compassion towards others.

A world without the religious zealots would be a lot more peaceful, it really would.


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