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{March 3, 2009}   The Saga Continues

I had posted about a christian student that was suing his college. Well, the saga continues:

Los Angeles City College had half a dozen middle-aged people milling around the campus quad. “God Hates Gays,” their signs read. Nice way to represent Jesus, right? I mean when Jesus was here on earth, he preached “HATRED” and walked around with signs to preach the word. 

The suit, filed Feb. 12, has inspired a wave of blog and media commentary. Lopez’s lawyer from the Alliance Defense Fund, co-founded by James Dobson of Focus on the Family, has appeared on the popular Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor.” 

A dozen nasty e-mails winged their way to a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York biographer, who had the singular misfortune of sharing a name and occupation with Lopez’s instructor.

“Some of them threatened my life,” said the New York-based John Matteson, an associate professor of English at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

Leave it to the Christians to react in that way. They profess to follow Jesus, but their actions are from Christ like. Threatening and preaching hate…


{February 20, 2009}   Senator Chris Buttars

Ah, a faithful mormon preaching what his God teaches him to preach. 

And what was the response of this mormon?

Buttars declined to comment to The Associated Press, but said Friday he would not be issuing an apology.

In a statement released on the Senate Republicans’ blog, Buttars wrote that he will continue to defend traditional marriage.

“I was disappointed to learn of the Utah State Senates censure on February 20, 2009. However, this action will not discourage me from defending marriage from an increasingly vocal and radical segment of the homosexual community.

In recent years, registering opposition to the homosexual agenda has become almost impossible. Political correctness has replaced open and energetic debate. Those who dare to disagree with the homosexual agenda are labeled “haters” and “bigots,” and are censured by their peers.

The media contributes to the problem. Increasingly, individuals with conservative beliefs are targeted by a left leaning media that uses their position of public trust as a bully pulpit. This pattern of intimidation suppresses free speech.

For the record, I do not agree with the censure. I see it as an attempt to shy away from controversy. In particular, I disagree with my removal as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, since my work there is entirely unrelated to my opposition to the homosexual agenda.

Still, I’m a grown man and I can take my knocks. When it comes right down to it, I would rather be censured for doing what I think is right, than be honored by my colleagues for bowing to the pressure of a special interest group that has been allowed to act with impunity.

Thanks to the many citizens who have written and called to express their support. Please know that I’ll live through this to fight another day. In years to come, we’ll all look back at this point in history and see it as a crossroads. I have no intention of resigning.”

What an appropriate way to demonstrate what your God teaches you, right? I mean, Jesus was about what he said in regards to racisim and homosexuality. 
What is interesting is the response by the LDS:

“From the outset, the Church’s position has always been to engage in civil and respectful dialogue on this issue. Senator Buttars does not speak for the Church.”


{February 11, 2009}   Utah Governor Supports Civil Unions

Utah has a constitutional ban on gay marriage and domestic unions that was approved by voters in 2004. At the time, Jon Huntsman said he supported Amendment 3.  Now, Huntsman, who governs one of the country’s most conservative states, said Tuesday he supports civil unions for gay people that would give them many of the same legal rights as married couples. Huntsman isn’t new to gay rights issues. Soon after taking office in 2005, he backed a failed bill that would have granted mutually dependent couples certain health care and property rights.

I believe in the traditional definition of marriage, but I also believe that we can do a better job in enhancing equal rights for more of our citizens.

What is interesting about this is that Hunstman is in fact a practicing LDS, or Mormon. The Associated Press reports that  80 percent to 90 percent of Utah lawmakers belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Following the November election, especially the Proposition 8 fiasco in California, the church issued a statement that Equality Utah has made the focus of its campaign for gay rights in Utah.

“The Church does not object to rights for same-sex couples regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights, so long as these do not infringe on the integrity of the traditional family or the constitutional rights of churches,” the church said at the time.

Huntsman’s critics are opposing his views. “I’m very disappointed in the governor’s stance. Civil union is really tantamount to marriage,” said Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights. “It’s gay-marriage light.”

Huntsman is not running for a third term, so perhaps this is why he is making some changes without any fear. Either way, it is about time that someone is concerned with “equal rights” for its citizens then some antiquated way of thinking, especially with the Mormon’s religious track record.

{February 5, 2009}   President Obama on religion

“I was not raised in a particularly religious household,” the president said. “I had a father who was born a Muslim but became an atheist, grandparents who were non-practicing Methodists and Baptists, and a mother who was skeptical of organized religion.”

“But no matter what we choose to believe, let us remember that there is no religion whose central tenet is hate,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Christian Post is reporting that the christian right is challenging his pick for top justice positions. One critic, Patrick Trueman, had this to say:

David Ogden has been an activist in the support of a right to pornography, a right of abortion and the rights of homosexuals

Meanwhile, Tom Minnery, a vice president at Focus on the Family, says, “This is left-wing politicization of the Justice Department. This is not a Justice Department that looks like America.” Looks, like which America? The theocratic America? 

The challenge to Obama’s Justice picks come as conservative evangelicals seek to limit the power of the new Democratic administration and maintain their own within the Republican Party. They are looking for their best interest and want the government to keep footing the bill on ideals that they promote. The article itself stated this: 

Some Republicans believe a tight embrace of social conservative values turns off independents and moderates, but many Christian right leaders resist compromise and contend that, if anything, the GOP has strayed too far from its principles.

President Obama’s message is loud and clear. He doesn’t believe one view is better than the other. He is willing to work with everyone, no matter what the ideal is, but if he wants this to work then the christian leaders are going to have to teach their flock what tolerance is. For eight years our government was ran like a theocratic government. He professed to follow Christ, yet we went to war, murdering and torturing people and the christian right supported him. 

It is amazing how they hear the word “equality” but only listen to “homsexuality”. They taint themselves with their dogmas and expect everyone in America to follow their exclusive dogma.

Good luck to the President on this. I don’t see those that profess to follow Christ to actually follow his lead.

Is it ironic that, according to the Christian Post, a new gallup poll found Oklahoma one of the top ten religious states in the U.S.? The site that I found this video had this comment posted:

It happens everywhere to a degree, but it is worse in Oklahoma than almost anywhere else. 

Douglas will be by here in a bit to tell you how much better things are, how life in Oklahoma is improving. It’s not. It’s getting worse.

And from experience, I expect it’s going to get a whole lot worse because economic turmoil generally tends to increase hatred and intolerance of difference. 

What just shocks me though, and I’ve lived here much of my life, is that this is one of the poorest states, with one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates, one of the highest rates of domestic violence. We have more women incarcerated than any other state, we’ve got more alcoholism, more drug addiction, more divorce and more Bibles per capita than any other state in the lower 48. 

So this is benefiting us how? All of this hate and judgment and Bible thumping is improving life here HOW????

It frustrates me to death. Oklahoma had a good, solid progressive history with the Wobblies and the radical farmers of the plains side of the state (where Enid, a cesspool, sits). Woody Guthrie is our favorite son. So what happened to us? 

I don’t remember it being this way when I was a kid. I think it got worse with the whole evangelical craziness that took hold in the late ’70s and ’80s. Or maybe it did start earlier. Maybe it started with desegregation, it’s just that I don’t remember attitudes being anywhere near so harsh or divisive when I was younger. 

Bottom line: For a lot of reasons, Oklahoma sucks. Unfortunately, Oklahoma’s proud of that and it’s unlikely there will be any changes for the better in the future. 

For the record, I didn’t get that this man was necessarily focused on gays, as much as he was calling little punk pierced tattooed kids faggots. That he’d use faggot as a derogatory term is evidence of his thought patterns, but just generally, in this interview, I really thought he was talking less about gays than about the whole body modification thing. And men who wear hats 

{February 3, 2009}   Christian Tolerance

From 570 News:

WASHINGTON – On a bustling day in a downtown D.C. neighbourhood, a street vendor named Samuel is doing a brisk business selling President Barack Obama T-shirts.

He’s talking incessantly about Jesus as he makes his sales, until one customer politely tells him she doesn’t believe in God.

Emblazoned with the smiling face of the first president to make mention of America’s “non-believers” in his inauguration address two weeks ago, the T-shirt is nonetheless snatched away. The money is shoved back into her hand.

“Get away from me, go away from here,” Samuel hisses. “I will pray for your soul but you need to get away from me right now.”

I have also watched Rick Warren debate Sam Harris and Warren told him atheist are angry. I always wonder why christians like stating that when it usually is the other way around? From calling in to radio programs, to leaving comments on the internet, to this guy up above. If someone states they are a none believer or even do not believe in the same God, christians have always demonstrated their anger and their intolerance. 

Here we go again. Dobson is on Beck’s show and they are saying what was being said on the internet is B.S. If that is the case, Beck, your religion is full of LIARS, because the MORMON TIMES was the first that broke the news.

Dobson, you are calling the Underground Apologetics liars too. The statement prepared by your people was as follows:

When contacted Friday, a Focus on the Family worker at the ministry in Colorado Springs, Colo. confirmed that the article had been pulled and read a prepared statement for callers who had called about the Beck article:

“You are correct to note that Mr. Beck is a member of the Mormon church, and that we did not make mention of this fact in our interview with him. We do recognize the deep theological difference between evangelical theology and Mormon theology, and it would have been prudent for us at least to have pointed out these differences. Because of the confusion, we have removed the interview from Citizenlink.”

A-huh, sure. Beck you are being used again. Dobson is just making sure you guys are united against the Atheists. Then when he gets his way, you are going to get kicked to the curb like last time.

Dobson, again, why don’t you follow the bible on mixing yourself with what you are against? Just proving how hypocrisy leads Focus on the Family.

2 Corinthians 6:14 14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?


{January 15, 2009}   A senseless crime

Two men suffered a beating back in September, on Tuesday they awoke to their SUV being set on fire. Police are looking for help investigating the attack. The attackers are described as a white man in his late 30s or early 40s with a long gray ponytail and a white man in his early 20s with short brown hair. I would like to point out, when they got beat up, they didn’t bother reporting it, now that their car got torched, they decided to speak out. It is sad that after a beating, they didn’t even bother reporting it, because they feel like this is something that routinely happens.

The couple have been together 7 years and state they do not hide who they are but they do not flaunt their relationship. What would compel someone to beat someone else? Hatred. Bigotry. Discrimination. All of the above.

This is when I point out to people, why would a “homosexual” choose to be a homosexual when shit like this happens? Christians like to argue this isn’t about biology, but about choice. Who would choose to live a life of torment and fear?

Teaching tolerance is important. Regardless of ones views of “morality” of “Christianity”, tolerance is something that should be taught for the safety of peoples lives. Religious figures should emphasize tolerance. Tolerance should be taught at home. Tolerance should be taught at schools. Tolerance is something that should be made as part of someones education to have a safe environment for everyone in society.

I just finished watching Dateline, and it seems like Ricky thinks tolerance used to mean “I treat you with respect even though we disagree”. No, it hasn’t changed, Ricky, but I would like to ask you, how is your comment that homosexuality equals pedophilia and incest respectful? I don’t think I will get an answer because yesterday I did e-mail his church.

I read a very interesting blog yesterday. It was written by a straight male. He stated he isn’t against religion at all, but he was wondering when religious folks were going to stop trying to take away from those that do not agree with their views. I second that question.

When? I mean, I respect your views. There was a time when I used to go door knocking and strictly adhered to the bible. Now, I have stated, that I am not a part of an organized religion, but I respect your views. I respect that you do not accept me. I really do. With that said, why would you want to take away a right I should have? A right to choose?

Religious people are very selfish, someday that selfishness is going to bite you in the ass, and when it does, you will cry very loud.

The law of gravity, what goes up, must come down.

et cetera